The Perfect Line Softback is an abrasive with a foam back on a roll. The rolls measure 115 mm x 25 m (W x L) and are packed in a box. Softback is ideal for sanding edges, frames and delicate corners. The abrasive is of high quality and very flexible. It is available in as many as eight varieties: ranging from P180 to P1000.

Article numbers
Roll P180
PL.SOFT.180 / 111792
Roll P240
PL.SOFT.240 / 111793
Roll P320
PL.SOFT.320 / 111794
Roll P400
PL.SOFT.400 / 111795
Roll P500
PL.SOFT.500 / 111796
Roll P600
PL.SOFT.600 / 111797
Roll P800
PL.SOFT.800 / 111798
Roll P1000
PL.SOFT.1000 / 111799

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