1K HB ZFF Coating


Corrosion-resistant fast drying high build coating for blasted steel based on a specially modified alkyd resin and pigmented with high quality pigments and fillers. Contains less than 400 grams of solvent per litre and thus complies with the VOC directive. The product is fast drying, has excellent corrosion resistance, high layer thickness range, high filling power and has excellent waterproofing properties. This product can be used as primer / coating and as topcoat on metal surfaces, for example for chassis, containers, agricultural machinery and other industrial applications. Please note that the Perfect Line 1K HB ZFF Coating 90% gloss does not have any corrosive properties. It is therefore not intended for direct use on metal substrates. To do this, a primer must be applied first.

Article numbers
20L tin on colour
GM.KPC.2130.20 / 62004216 (= silk matt)
20L tin on colour
GM.KPC.2136.20 / 62004217 (= 70% gloss)
20L tin on colour
GM.KPC.2138.20 / 62004393 (= 90% gloss)
Information sheets

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