HS Primer


This high solid primer is a 2K product and is made with Perfect Line HS Primer Activator. It is a high-fill primer of excellent quality, dries quickly and is easy to sand. To be applied on metal, polyester filler and existing coatings. For bare metal, aluminium or galvanised parts, it is necessary to first apply an etch or epoxy primer.

Article numbers
4L tin light grey
PL.PR.VS2 / 108031
4L tin medium grey
PL.PR.VS4 / 108032
4L tin dark grey
PL.PR.VS6 / 108033
1L tin light grey (retail)
PL.PR.VS2.1 / 108431
1L tin dark grey (retail)
PL.PR.VS6.1 / 108430
Information sheets
Mixing ratio hardener

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