2K Polysurfacer


Perfect Line 2K Polysurfacer is a polyester spray filler, specially developed for professional use in filler work. The product is easy to sand, fast drying and has good filling properties. High layer thicknesses can be built up without the risk of sagging. Fills both small and large irregularities in the surface. Without pore formation. This product can be applied on bare sheet metal (steel) and on almost all hardened car coatings. Cannot be applied to thermoplastic and/or nitrocellulose coatings. For galvanised parts it is necessary to apply a 2K epoxy primer as an insulation layer. It must be fully hardened and sanded before the treatment is continued. Perfect Line 2K Polysurfacer must be covered with the correct primer (recommended: Perfect Line HS Primer) before finishing. This prevents possible problems such as blistering, etc.

Article numbers
1,5 kg tin
141.861 / 100267 (= this includes hardener)
Information sheets

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